Self Service Laundry

Did you know you can wash and dry a full load in just one hour?

Did you know you can wash a dry a full load in just one hour?

Is your load too large to do at home? Has your washing machine broken down and you need emergency laundry? Perhaps you’ve just realised it is easier and quicker to use our launderettes than do it at home?

With over 11 locations through East Yorkshire in Hull & Cottingham, and with an array of machine sizes, dryers and openings times, we provide all the facilities you need to get the job done. With prices as low as £2.70 we think you will be surprised how little it can cost and how easy it is to use Launderettes Hull.

Our launderettes offer a variety of soaps and fabric softeners and are really easy to use! Our friendly staff will also be on hand to help out if you need them, and at every one of our launderettes we ensure that machines are checked and cleaned daily.

Please note that the opening times for self-service laundry varies by location and we recommend that you have £1, 50p and 20p coins on hand. We also ask that you stay with your laundry as we cannot be responsible for any items damaged, lost or stolen if you choose to use our self-service facilities.

To find your nearest launderette visit out store pages, and click here to visit our price guide.