For all services the prices below are a guide price, some might vary slightly from launderette to launderette.

Self Service


Handy (7KG)   £3.00
Family (11KG)   £4.00
XL Wash (15KG)   £4.50


 2 Minutes  20p
 5 Minutes  50p
 10 Minutes   £1.00

Service Washes

Small   £7.00
Medium   £9.00
Large   £10.00
 Premium Soap  60p
 Dry  20p
Towel Bundles £8.00


Non-feather Feather
 Small   £8.00   £9.00
Double £9.50 £11.00
King   £11.00 £13.00




Dry Cleaning


Suits (2pcs)   £9.50
Suits (3pcs)   £12.00
Jackets   £6.50
Trousers   £5.00
Jumper   £4.50
Skirt   £5.00 Pleated £6.50
Dresses  from £8.50
Tie £2.50
Coat   £10.00
Re-proof   £8.00
Curtains   £3.20 per lb

Iron Service

Shirt Wash & Iron £10.00 (5 items) £15.00 (10 items)
Iron Service Available on Request

 Sports Kit (teams)

Football  from £9.00
Rugby  from £10.00


Our Story

Launderettes Hull represents a group of family launderettes operated by E&WR Launderette Ltd.

We opened our first launderette in 1959, one of the first in the UK. A Member of NALI (National Association of the Launderette Industry) and now a 3rd generation family business. We strive to simply provide the best laundry service for our customers.

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