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Our story.

Our Launderettes are now into their third generation, helping serve the local community in Hull and East Yorkshire for over 65 years. We have always based ourselves on providing the best laundry services which we could possibly offer, ever since we opened our first launderette on the 3rd April, 1950 on Hessle Road. Not only was this the first in Hull, but also one of the first in the UK. From here we established new premises in Spring Bank and Hull, both of which are still running strong today.

From here, our Launderettes, along with others in the country as members of NALI (National Association of the Launderette Industry), helped shape the industry into a powerful, self-service necessity for local families over time. And our business has grown ever since, to become the biggest of its kind in Hull.

Our Aim.

Over the years we have learnt a thing or two about laundry, and specifically, caring for your laundry.

Our aim has always been to provide the best value laundry service for all of our customers, young and old.

Since we opened our first Launderette in Hull, we have developed and tailored our services for our customers, using up to date methods and new products which provide the best results. We operate a professional and personalised service which is perfect for you, so much so that we strongly believe your laundry is our laundry.

The Future.

We are always developing our service to provide the best value for our customers, both old and new.

Starting from a small coin-operated laundromat service facility, we have grown and introduced new services for our business customers, including a bespoke, cost-effective cleaning service.

We’re also innovative. As one of the first companies to use Sensene – an environmentally friendly, biodegradable and higher quality dry cleaning wash solution – we lead the way in reliable cleaning services in Hull and East Yorkshire.

If you have a question or would like prices or more information please get in touch with us today. You can also have a look at the services which we offer in your area online.

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Our Story

Launderettes Hull represents a group of family launderettes operated by E&WR Launderette Ltd.

We opened our first launderette in 1959, one of the first in the UK. A Member of NALI (National Association of the Launderette Industry) and now a 3rd generation family business. We strive to simply provide the best laundry service for our customers.

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